Even once filled with oil, the hand cannot top, how is this going? Medical opinions:On the decline of oil gauge pointer speed rate is not the same of this phenomenon, there may be a design issue, it is not in accordance with the linear design of some models of the oil itself, slow, fast before the half after the half of this phenomenon should be relatively normal. Although the car did not sacrifice in the rain, but it did rain rolling brings me a lot of trouble.

If confirmed to fill the oil, no table pointer is not the top, should be the meter display problems. Every time I would in the pointer to the last line for gas, but sometimes 100 blocks of oil added, pointer to location is not the same. 3. During use of the vehicle, if the door is lined with some objects inside the top frame, window to rise this part of the time, the sensor will start the anti-pinch function, so the windows down.

Car fuel gauge are not accurate My car to buy it for a long time, there is a small problem, although it does not affect the use, but also I am very inconvenient.com. In general, the moisture in the headlights in the daytime sunlight can quickly evaporate if your headlights frequent water phenomenon, it should go to the service station to check the lamp body and see if the collision causes light damage, resulting in frequent water. In the time before 1/2, the pointer down very slowly, but after about half way, feel like drinking engine oil, pointer brush down. In addition, the lights are generally monolithic, transparent lamp, the lamp will stick with a protective body back, between the two will result in high-temperature baking gum melt adhesive, increasing the vehicle lights the possibility of water.

The problem is that in my oil meter, accuracy is its suspicion. Car maintenance now is not easy, with this, you can learn more and do better.An automobile electric window suddenly falls automatically Medical advice:General limousine on the design of the electric windows will be installed a pinch function, you can avoid the injury caused by accidental operation. In this case, it is best to conduct some special maintenance station adjustment, check to see if a foreign object impact window lift, and make adjustments. These problems to a repair shop on it. . 2. This time is best not to carry high temperature baking, headlight plastic materials are generally qualitative, if the baking temperature is too high, it may cause the headlights look in softening deformation, affecting the use and appearance.vtoolshop. The oil table pointer is not stable, may be the level sensor oil gauge problem. Also, sometimes the process at high speed, since the voltage will cause the punching metal parts glass to rise smoothly along the track can also lead to anti-trap function is activated functionality.

Automobile lamp are not sealed Some time ago climate variability, often heavy rain phenomenon, my car can be considered ups and downs, and finally God bless, my car had a crisis again and again, did not become a victim of urban water under the overpass, which is also part of I credit the excellent driving level. We recommend some ones like Launch X431,vas 5052 ,ps2 truck scanner ,ms509 scanner, which are very useful.Just keep a good driving habits and maintenance habits,cars are generally not a big problem. Just about finished the rain, my car's headlights are a fine mist of water inside, you said that in the shade inside the mist I could not rub ah! 

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